Come and be a part of our resource. With a membership of around 50 the club has an incredible wealth of talent and experience. Our members are at all levels of skill from novice to very capable and every one of them will have something they can teach to others.
Whatever your level when you become a member you will have a great resource around you that is always willing to help. We have meetings where we let the members get "Hands-on" and maybe show others a particular skill or method that could help you if you have been struggling with something. You can have a go yourself and ask others to comment on your methods to maybe help you improve. Over time and with practice you will become part of this talent and experience that members, existing and new, will be able to draw from.

You will learn that you can turn more than just wood. There are all sorts of different materials that are turned by our members. Some are incorporated into wooden items and some are made completely of a non-wood material.
Learn the differences between materials and how best to turn and finish them. Some woods turn very differently to others and even the same wood turned in an alternate orientation needs consideration.
Then there are the finishing methods and techniques, wax, lacquer, oil and others, again all with different characteristics that need to be learnt.
There is so much to learn about woodturning and as a club we by no means know it all, but as our members improve and membership increases then we increase the scope of our knowledge and grow the resource.

Learn To Turn