We like our members to show off their work as much as possible and as such we have a competition each month, usually with a given subject. Members are split into two classes, A and B, and we encourage all members to enter a piece. This is a great way to get to see other members work and maybe be inspired to have a go at something new or different.

We also have visiting professional turners a few times a year that will come and demonstrate their specialty pieces or sometimes they will do basic pieces but describe in more detail about the techniques used to achieve the result.
If any member is feeling brave enough and has a piece that they would like to demonstrate then they can do this at one of the monthly meetings. It is always great to have a member up at the front and showing off their talents.

The wide variety of items that can be turned is amazing. Some members will seem to concentrate on a particular item or group of items, others will do a wide range including decorative, utilitarian, and artistic. Some will turn only wood, others will incorporate other non-wood materials into their pieces.