2024 is here – a new start – new competitions – make sure you have a go.

Competition Details

Every month we hold a competition for our members. We have "Class A" for the more experienced turners and "Class B" for members that are still 'honing their skills'.
Within each classification there is a 1st, 2nd and 3rd placing. Judges award points for each piece and the winner is the member with the most points at the end of the year.
There is promotion for the top two point scorers in "Class B".

So come on all you members - get turning and increase the competition!

2014 Turner of the Year Competition Results

Well done to Martin Cronshaw and Bryan Greenwood who will be promoted to Clas A for 2015

2015 Competition Results.  You have to be int to win it!  So make sure you have a go.

January 2015

Subject:      Bowl
Judges:       Terry Spruce and Bill Kitchin

Class A
1st - Michael Proops  |  2nd - Dennis Moseley  |  3rd - Martin Payne

Class B
1st - John Gray           |  2nd - Ethan Proops       |  3rd - Josh Milnes

February 2015

Subject:      Open
Judges:       The Members

Class A
1st - Gary Brown   |  2nd - Dennis Moseley  |  3rd - Michael Proops

Class B
1st - John Gray      |  2nd - Arnold Gray        |  3rd - Alan Pywell